Read up! Trump

I hesitate to give Donald Trump any space in my humble blog.

But then again, I am not more special than him or anyone else, which takes me to say the truest of truths:

Immigrants are not criminals. They are not murderers, rapists, thieves or any of the like. Immigrants are immigrants. Just that. And that is the only generalization that is acceptable.

All Mexicans, Russians, Japanese, and Canadians who leave their countries do so for many and varied valid reasons. So it really does not matter if Trump believes Mexicans or all immigrants are criminals. It will not change a reality, that is, that immigrants come for a better future offered by all the American Dream business but most importantly, this: more native-born U.S. nationals are prone to be criminals than the foreign-born. Read up Trump

So let's not generalize, let's not continue building walls, because those same walls may close on you if you ever seek to escape.

And of course, Read up Trump!, nothing sits still. Your great grandchildren may not be fortunate enough to have all the money you have, and they may be called "criminals" by a "rich" man with bad hair if they ever looked for prosperity in a foreign country. How would you like that?

By Carem Corvaia, Esq.