You can do it

I start this blog by being grateful for my growth, my experiences, my education and all the times I said I can do it. I will post my thoughts, my love for positive thinking, and most importantly my two cents on our U.S. immigration system reality.

Before I begin what I expect to be a wonderful blog-journey, I'll let you know a little bit about me: I was born in Venezuela to loving and crazy parents. I lived in a middle class home with three siblings, and many financial ups and downs. I had a goal to live in the U.S. because most my inspiration to help people came from movies and songs made in the U.S. (of course, my family is and was my first inspiration). After many movies and misspoken lyrics, I decided that I should begin by learning the English language. So I began memorizing lyrics and movie dialogues so that I could speak English even if I had no clue what I was saying ("1,2,3,4 come on baby say you love me!"), after all, how can I live in a country without communicating with their people.   

Today, after a few obstacles, library filled days, tests, celebrations, tears and sweat later, I can tell you that whatever you want to do, do it! Because if want it enough, and I mean really want it with every part of you, you will be able to do it. So, just do it! (yes, I know, that's not my slogan, but those three words work - I promise). And most importantly, if you are already doing it, keep pushing! there's so many ways to improve and do it better. 

Lastly, I leave you with my plug: if it is related to your move to the U.S., you can do it! so feel free to comment with your immigration questions, I promise to bring out the real -and mostly- the positive side of U.S. immigration to help you reach your goals.

Carem Corvaia, Esq.